Are you a collection industry insider?


Please feel free to contact me and provide me with information on an anonymous basis, unless you desire that your identity be made public.

Mark Silverthorn has confirmed the accuracy of the list set out below by speaking with his network of contacts in the collection industry.


How well do you know the collection industry in Canada?

If you can identify the missing title for the following list then you can call yourself a Canadian collection industry insider:


The ***  #### in Canada

Total Credit Recovery Ltd

Affinity Global

CBV Collection Services Ltd.

NCO Financial Services Inc.

Allied International Credit Corp.

ARO Inc.

Gatestone & Co. Inc.

MJR Capital Services Inc.

EOS Canada Inc.

D & A Collection Corporation

Credit Bureau of Canada Collecitons

Iqor Canada Ltd.

Metropolitan Credit Adjusters Ltd.

Tricura Canada Inc.

Commercial Credit Adjusters Ltd.

Credit Risk Management Canada Ltd.

Financial Debt Recovery Ltd.

Common Collection Agency

Allianceone Ltd.

Partners In Credit INc.

GECG Collections Co/Society de Recouvrement GECF

St. Catharines Credit Corporation Ltd.

General Credit Services Inc.

International Credit Experts Inc.

City Collection Company Ltd.

Suite Collections Canada Inc.

CCL Financial Inc.

North American Receivable Management Services Company

ARM Collection Agency Ltd.

Action Collections and Receivables Management

A-1 Credit Recovery & Collection Services Inc.

Bond Street Collections Inc.

Excel Collection Services Ltd.

Pomer & Boccia Professional Corporation

Collectrite of Hamilton Ltd.

Kingston Data and Credit Inc.

Groupe Solutions Credit

C.G.C. Collection Group of Canada Inc.

C.B. Cameron & Associates

Credit Bureau of Timmins

Mac Financial Recovery (Canada) Inc.

Skylink Receiveables Inc.

Groupecho Collection Canada Inc.

National Credit Recovery Inc.

Contract Resources Services Inc.

National Recovery Corp.

Canadain Credit Corporation

Northstar Location Services, Inc.

Advanced Collection Services Ltd.

Go Beyond Collection Agency Inc.

Collectrite Ontario Inc.

Unik Collectrite Inc.

Crelogix Portfolio Services Corpoation

Carfinco Inc.

Canada Bonded Attorney and Legal Directory Ltd.

Phillips & Cohen Associates (Canada) Ltd.

Collection Service of Windsor Ltd.

Case Receivable Management Inc.


Canada Legal Referral Inc.

Priority Credit Recovery Inc.

Credit Bureau Collections Ltd.

Integrated RM Inc.

Collection Recovery Systems

Credit Bureau Collections

Credit Central Control Ltd.

Continental Legal Services Corporation

Shellco Credit Systems Ltd.

Northumberland County Collection Service Inc.

GCQ Canada Inc. Corp.


If you want confirmation that you can identify the correct title for the above-noted list then you are welcome to send an e-mail to Mark Silverthorn at

If you would like to learn more about the Ontario Collector Database, a list of more than 4,000 collectors employed by third party collection agencies in Ontario then you are weclome to contact Mark Silverthorn by calling toll free (866) 996-9941 or (519) 827-5513, or via e-mail at


You are welcome to call Mark Silverthorn and to speak to him on a private and confidential basis.

You are welcome to call Mark Silverthorn and to speak to him on a private and confidential basis.

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