Help Us Create Comprehensive Canadian Debt Collection Directory


"I look forward to helping Canadians resolving their outstanding debt situation in the most  optimal way!" Mark Silverthorn

With the help of Canadians across the country we are going to create and maintain a comprehensive Canadian Debt Collection Industry Directory.


If you are a consumer facing debt problems it helps to know who you are dealing with or who you might be dealing with.  There are plenty of organizations out there who are only to happy to take money from consumers in financial distress.  The more information you have about these people–who they are, how they operate, what services they provide, and how they get compensated, the more informed a decision-maker you will be.

At Comprehensive Debt Solutions, one of our objectives in making consumers with debt problems better informed is the creation of a comprehensive Canadian Debt Collection Directory.  This directory would include the names and contact information of any organizations that collect monies from consumers–especially those collecting monies on behalf of creditors.

This list will include the following:

  • collection agencies
  • credit counselling agencies
  • debt purchasers
  • in-house collection departments at major creditors
  • law firms doing large-volume collection work

If you know of a firm operating in Canada that collects monies on behalf of creditors then we would ask you to provide us with this this information so that we can build the most comprehensive up-to-date Canadian Debt Collection Directory.

We would invite you to send your information to  You are also welcome to call Mark Silverthorn toll free at (866) 996-9941 or (519) 827-5513.

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