No trip to Stratford, Ontario, complete without stop here


You, like many Canadians, might have spent the day in Stratford, Ontario, population 30,000, home to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.

If you are planning a visit to Stratford to attend a play at the Shakespeare Festival, and possibly spend some time visiting places where Justin Bieber hung out as a teenager, then your visit would not be complete unless you drove by 61 Lorne Avenue East, the head office of Credit Risk Management Canada  Ltd., one of the largest collection agencies in Canada.



According to our industry sources, Credit Risk Management Canada Ltd. employs approximately 100 collectors licensed in the Province of Ontario.  Using the number of collectors as our barometer of collection agency size, this means that Credit Risk Management Canada Ltd. would rank somewhere around the sixteenth largest collection agency in Canada.


I recently travelled to Stratford, Ontario, to shoot some YouTube videos in front of the head office for Credit Risk Management Canada Ltd.

My firm’s website,, is currently in the process of creating a dedicated webpage for each of the largest collection agencies in Canada–a group that includes any collection agency employing more than 50 collectors in Canada making third party collection calls to Canadian residents.

In the future these dedicated webpages will becamse an important source of information for not only consumers but also persons working in the collection industry, government regulators, and members of the media.


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