Game changer: Credit Counselling Society enters debt settlement marketplace


This weekend I was doing a google search for the phrase “debt settlement” and I ended up on a webpage for the Credit Counselling Society.   This organization, headquartered in New Westminster, British Columbia, is one of the four titans of the Canadian non-profit credit counselling industry.  This organization has offices in every province west of Quebec.  According to its website,, the firm has 22 offices across a large part of Canada.

I almost fell of my chair when I read their webpage titled DEBT SETTLEMENT IN CANADA/ PROGRAM OVERVIEW.  You can find this webpage reproduced below.







This webpage appears on, the website for Credit Counselling Society, one of the four largest non-profit credit counselling agencies in Canada.  Purple circle has been added.



Credit Counselling Society has the potential to become the largest provider of debt settlement services in Canada

Because of it substantial financial resources and its 22 offices across Canada Credit Counselling Society has the potential to become Canada’s dominanat debt settlement services provider.  Its advertising budget is greater than all of the other debt settlement service providers in Canada combined.



Creditors support non-profit credit counselling agencies offering Debt Management Plans

The creditor community likes non-profit credit counselling agencies because they are essentially warm and fuzzy collection agencies.  Non-profit credit counselling agencies assist Canadian creditors recover tens of millions of dollars each year.  When a consumer completes a Debt Management Plan with a non-profit credit counselling agency the major banks and credit card companies recover 80 percent to 90 percent of monies owing to them–depending upon the amount of the “fair share contribution” a particular creditor pays to a non-profit credit counselling agency.



The credtior community is not favourably disposed towards debt settlement service providers

The creditor community, however, does not like debt settlement service providers.  Debt settlement involves a consumer making a one-time lump sum settlement–for an amount signficantly less than the current balance owing–as settlement in full.  It is common for creditors to agree to settlements where the consumer pays anywhere between 20 percent and 50 percent of the outstanding balance.



Creditors would prefer non-profit credit counselling agencies restrict themselves to providing Debt Management Plans

The creditor community would prefer that non-profit credit counselling agencies stick to enrolling Canadian debtors in Debt Management Plans and recovering 80 to 90 percent of monies owing to creditors.  The creditor community does not look favourably on debt settlement service providers–of any type–because creditors are only recovering 20 to 50 percent of monies owing to creditors.



Creditor community may threaten to stop making “voluntary donations” to the Credit Counselling Society

I was surprised to see the Credit Counselling Society openly advertising the organization’s debt settlement services on its website because this could invite a devastating reaction from Canada’s creditor community.  The majority of Credit Counselling Society’s revenues come from Canada’s big banks and major credit card companies in the form of “fair share contributions”.

Frankly, I am going to be surprised if the creditor community does not threaten to stop making fair share contributions to the Credit Counselling Society if it does not immediately stop not only providing debt settlement services, but also offering debt settlement services.  The risk of the loss of fair share contributions from major Canadian creditors should give Scott Hannah, the President and CEO of the Credit Counselling Society, cause for concern.



Canada’s Big Four non-profit credit counselling agencies

The vast majority of Debt Management Plans in this country are done through four major firms, all of which are non-profit credit counselling agencies:

  • Credit Counselling Society
  • Credit Canada Debt Solutions
  • Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada Inc.
  • Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada Inc.

Debt Management Plans are financially lucrative to firms that provide them in large volumes.  These four firms all run high-volume Debt Management Plan operations. Furthermore, these firms all compete aggressively with one another for Debt Management Plan clients.  Finally, these four firms compete with bankruptcy trustees and firms that offer debt settlement services.



Possibibility that the other major non-profit credit counselling agencies may enter Canadian debt settlement marketplace

There is a real possibility that if the Credit Counselling Society is advertising its debt settlement services to Canadians six months from now that one or more of Canada’s largest non-profit credit counselling agencies will decide to follow suit.



Contact me if you have any information about a credit counselling agency offering debt settlement services

I would invite anyone with information about a credit counselling agency offering debt settlement services to contact me.  You are welcome to call me at (866) 996-9941 or at (519) 827-5513.  Alternatively, you are welcome to contact me, via e-mail, at


You are welcome to call Mark Silverthorn if you have any information about a credit counselling agency offering debt settlement services.

You are welcome to call Mark Silverthorn if you have any information about a credit counselling agency offering debt settlement services.




























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