Go Beyond Collection Agency: Industry Innovator


It is not every day that I receive an invitation from the owner of a collection agency to meet him and tour his premises.  Therefore, I was surprised when earlier this year Greg Maitinsky, CEO of Hamilton, Ontario-based Go Beyond Collection Agency, did just that.


Not your typical collection agency or leadership team

I had the opportunity to spend several hours with both company CEO Greg Maitinsky and the firm’s Director of Sales, Clinton Kruger.  What struck me was how strange it was that these two individuals ever found themselves working in the collection industry in the first place.

Greg Maitinsky was born and raised in Hungary, the son of Hungarian diplomats.  He has a diploma in economics from the Western University of Hungary, formerly the Karl Marx School of Economics.  Greg first became involved in the collection industry several years ago–as an entrepreneur–without prior experience in the collection industry.  He believes in transparency and treating everyone with respect–including not only the firm’s clients, but also his staff, and the people the agency is collecting monies from.

Clinton Kruger was born in South Africa and emigrated to Canada when he was 11 years old.  In his late teens Clinton did Christian missionary work in several countries including Ukraine, Thailand, and China.  He worked in sales in Canada for nine years prior to accepting a sales position at Go Beyond Collection Agency.  Clinton never worked a day in his life at a collection agency prior to joining the agency.



Having spent 12 years working on the premises of some of the largest collection agencies in Canada I have a preconceived idea as to what to expect on a collection floor.  Typically, collectors sit, row on row, in small workstations, like chickens on a tractor trailer.  Not at Go Beyond Collection Agency.  Staff members sit at a real desk, the lighting is subdued, and different kinds of plants can be found throughout.  The atmosphere is homey.


Go Beyond Collection Agency appears to be an attractive place to work.  The collection floor has a comfortable feel to it, the firm offers flexible hours, and encourages the career aspirations of its employees.  Collectors work at real desks and not at cramped sterile workstations.  At the front of the room company CEO Greg Maitinsky (left) can be seen next to Director of Sales, Clinton Kruger (right).



Agency focuses on collecting delinquent accounts from residential tenants

Most of Go Beyond Collection Agency’s activities involve collecting monies owed by residential tenants living in Ontario.  Its major clients include residential landlords, property management firms and REITs in the residential tenancy marketplace.


An innovator in the collection industry

In a variety of ways Go Beyond Collection Agency is an innovator in the collection industry.

1.      Firm routinely posts the compensation of every staff member

Each payday Go Beyond Collection Agency posts the compensation received by every staff member including the company CEO.


2.       Firm offers flexible hours to its staff

Go Beyond Collection Agency offers flexible working hours to all of its staff.  Recently the firm dispensed with the requirement of a doctor’s note where a staff member misses a day’s work.  Employees at the firm describe flexible working hours as one of the major attractions working there.


3.        Firm supports career aspirations of its staff

In addition to formal training which is work-related, Go Beyond Collection Agency supports the career aspirations of its staff.  Every three months CEO Greg Maitinsky meets individually with staff members to review their career aspirations.  This often results in the firm contributing monies to a staff member’s career development.


4.         Firm offers support to consumers struggling with debt

Go Beyond Collection Agency has a track record of attempting to assist consumers struggling with debt.  When Greg Maitinsky learns that a consumer can’t pay an account because not presently working Greg has been known to offer to circulate the consumer’s resume to his contacts in the business community.  In one instance a consumer was offered a job the same day he supplied Greg with a copy of his resume.  At the present time Greg is working on a project enlisting the support of HR firms to assist consumers with delinquent accounts obtain work.


Go Beyond Collection Agency Inc., www.gobeyondcollect.com, is not your typical collection agency.  This is reflected in the way it treats not only its staff, its clients, but also the consumers it collects monies from.

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