Alliance One fined for failure to file Annual Financial Report as required under British Columbia Law

AllianceOne Ltd. is a firm which possesses a collection agency license in British Columbia.  It would appear that the company’s Canadian head office is located at 75 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario, M4P 3A4.  The company’s website is

Heather McCurdy, Manager, Business Services, Consumer Protection BC, sent a letter, dated August 2, 2017, to Alliance One at the Toronto address, advising the firm that it had contravened section 10(1) of the Debt Collection and Repayment Regulation for failure to file its Annual Financial Report within 90 days of December 31, 2016.



The fact that Alliance One was recently fined $800 by the B.C. regulator–responsible for supervising the conduct of bill collector contacting B.C. residents–is inconsistent with the Corporate Compliance statedment found on Alliance One’s website.



The fact that Alliance One would fail to comply with a law so basic as filing an Annual Financial Return in British Columbia raises the question as to whether or not there are any other provincial laws regulating bill collectors in Canada that Alliance One has not complied with.









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