Largest Collection Agencies in Canada

You might have an outstanding account.  For the first three to six months that it is overdue you will likely receive collection notices and collection calls from individuals employed by your creditor.  If your creditor is a large firm then these people are likely calling from the in-house collection department–which could employ hundreds of collectors.

Once your oustanding account has not been paid for approximately four to six months, however, you might start receiving collection calls from a collection agency attempting to collect your account on a commission basis.  They don’t get paid unless you make a payment.

Today I completed my survey of collection agencies operating in Canada and I have identified twenty-two collection agencies employing more than fifty collectors making collection calls to Canadian residents.  While there might be hundreds of smaller collection agencies in Canada employing fewer than fifty collectors, our list of the 23 largest collection agencies operating in Canada collect the lion’s share of unsecured consumer debt in Canada–credit cards, personal loans, lines of credit and utilities including telephone, cable television and internet service providers.

Here is the list of the 23 collection agencies that made our list as The Largest Collection Agencies Operating in Canada.  This list also includes the four largest non-profit credit counselling agencies in Canada–whose names are bolded in the list found below.    An industry source recently confided in me that senior management at some or Canada’s largest creditors, on more than one occassion, have referred to non-profit credit counselling agencies as “the best collection agencies out there”.  To qualify for this list a collection agency had to employ a minimum of fifty collectors making collection calls to Canadian residents.

The following list is simply in alphabetical order–and does not start with the largest agency followed by the second largest, and so on and so on, in descending order.



Affinity Global

AllianceOne Ltd.

Allied International Credit Corp.

ARO Inc.

CBV Collection Services Ltd.

Collect Com Credit Inc.

Commercial Adjusters Ltd.

Common Collection Agency

Consolidated Credit Counselling Agency of Canada Ltd.  

Credit Bureau of Canada Collections

Credit Canada Debt Solutions

Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada Inc.

Credit Counselling Society (of British Columbia) 

Credit Risk Management Canada Ltd.

D & A Collection Corporation

Dixon Commercial Investigators (1982) Inc.

EOS Canada Inc. (formerly Nordon)

Financial Debt Recovery Ltd.

Gatestone & Co. (formerly Collectcorp)

GECF Collection Company/Societe de Recouvrement GECF

iQor Canada Ltd.

MJR Capital Services Inc.

Metropolitan Credit Adjusters Ltd.

NCO Collection Services Ltd.

Partners In Credit Inc.

Tricura Canada Inc.

Total Credit Recovery Ltd.


Some of you, particularly those in the collection industry, might argue that compiling a list of the largest collection agencies in the country using a collector head count is not an accurate measuring stick.  If you have a better yardstick for measuring the size of collection agencies which is readily available–and can be used for privately-held collection agencies, as well as publicly-traded agencies, and for collection agencies headquartered outside Canada– by all means, feel free to share it with me!

If you believe that a collection agency should be added or removed from this list then I would invite you to send me an e-mail at, together with an explanation for your opinion, and any supporting documentation.

On the website for Comprehensive Debt Solutions Inc. there is a detailed list of contact information for these 22 collection agencies.  Here is the link to this webpage where you can find mailing addresses, and in some cases telephone numbers, fax numbers, and possibly photographs of the actual buildings where collectors work from.


Canadian Collector Database

Comprehensive Debt Solutions Inc. has prepared its list of The Largest Collection Agencies Operating in Canada as part of its massive project to create and maintain a current Canadian Collector Database listing every collector working in Canada for a third party collection agency.  As of February 23, 2015, the Ontario Collector Database has been completed and is available.

For more information about the Canadian Collector Database available through Comprehensive Debt Solutions Inc. you can visit the webpage through the following link:


Special thanks to our dedicated Team Member Rosie

Much of the data entry work for The Largest Collection Agencies Operating in Canada was done by our Office Manager, Rosie.  Yesterday, I caught Rosie hard at work adding Total Credit Recovery Ltd. as the last entry on our list.




When assigned a project Rosie is like a dog with a bone.  She works until it is  “finished” literally!

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