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I name unethical and illegal operators in consumer protection summit with Mike Colle, MPP


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This past week I drove from Kitchener to Toronto to the Ontario Legislature for a consumer protection summit meeting with Mike Colle, MPP (Lib. Eglinton-Lawrence)–a wide-ranging discussion regarding consumer protection issues facing Ontario residents.


A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from the office of Mike Colle, MPP, the sitting member of the Ontario Legislature for the Toronto riding of Eglinton-Lawrence.  The invitation indicated that this veteran Ontario lawmaker was interested in meeting with me at his office at Queen’s Park to discuss consumer debt.

We did meet a few days ago at the Ontario Legislature in Toronto.   During our meeting at his Queen’s Park office–literally a stone’s throw from the Legislature–we had a free-wheeling conversation focusing on consumer debt issues.  Mr. Colle shared with me some anecdotes regarding the credit reporting industry.  One of main topics of conversation were concerns I have raised over the past four months on this blog and in my LinkedIn posts regarding the conduct of those holding themselves out as helping consumers struggling with unsecured consumer debt.

During this meeting I provided Mike Colle, MPP, with the names of firms whose activities I believe warrant investigation by either the Ontario Registrar of Collection Agencies or the federal Superintendent of Bankruptcy.  I also provided Mr. Colle with some of the details of my firm’s four-month investigation into the post-July 1st regulatory regime for firms offering debt settlement services to Ontario residents.


Presentation of autographed copy of my book

At the end of our meeting I had the opportunity to provide Mike Colle, MPP, with an autographed copy of my book titled The Wolf At The Door:  What To Do When Collection Agencies Come Calling (2010), published by McClelland & Stewart.  This moment was captured for posterity in the photo, appearing below, taken by Mr. Colle’s assistant, Ms. Ashley Rensler.


This past week I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Colle, MPP (Eglinton-Lawrence) at his Queen’s Park office and presenting him with an autographed copy of my book The Wolf At The Door:  What To Do When Collection Agencies Come Calling.


Future meetings with  lawmakers

I hope that my meeting this past week with Mike Colle, MPP, is not the last meeting where I have the opportunity to discuss my concerns regarding enforcement of the Ontario Collection and Debt Settlement Services Act with a member of the Ontario Legislature.  Earlier this year I reached out to several members of the Ontario Legislature with respect to my concerns regarding consumer protection. I can say that I am scheduled to meet with a second member of the Ontario Legislature in the next ten days.  My goal is to meet with a significant number of Ontario lawmakers to share my concerns regarding enforcement of Ontario’s consumer protection laws–in particular those relating to the conduct of collection agencies and firms offering debt settlement services.

In the future I would also like to schedule meetings with federal Members of Parliament at which time I can present them with some of the details of my inquiries with respect to the conduct of debt consultants–particularly in Ontario–and potential violations of the Code of Ethics for Bankruptcy Trustees.

Any lawmaker that is interested in scheduling a meeting with me is welcome to contact me by phone at (866) 996-9941 or (519) 827-5513 or via e-mail at mark@comprehensivedebtsolutions.ca.



Over the next few days, weeks, and months, I hope to be able to present both Ontario and federal lawmakers with the names of firms–holding themselves as assisting consumers struggling with unsecured consumer debt–who should be investigated by regulators.